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When not on my computer, I love to travel, shop, read and hang out with my family and friends. Hey you sound educated in this area, here is what I got going on: I have total annihilation Mac version easily a 10 yr old game. The only working computer I have is a brand new Mac book pro with the current operating system. Trying to install this game comes an error about classic is not compatible.

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From what I gather is that my operating system is to old and to create a partioned drive with tiger and it should work. I was hoping you could email me with the next steps. Thank you very much. You can basically do this the same way I described dual booting ML with Lion in my blog — http: Only draw back is you will have to pay extra for VMware Fusion or Parallel. Let me know how it goes. Hi Vijay, thanks for the informative articles on your site. I am writing to see if you can share your expertise regarding below issues. I have recently purchased a Macbook pro with Mountain Lion.

I have not installed any applications yet, but I do want to install Parrallels and Windows OS to run some windows-only apps. I used partioning on Windows due to just paranoia. From your post, I can understand partitioning on Mac is useful to separate data from OS for future reinstall. You might also see a slight again in performance by partitioning. It is really hard to make any recommendation without knowing the capacity of your drive.

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Let me know what you have and I will be able to help out. Also its a quad-core 2. Please let me know your opinion. I did not get a OS disk in the package. Good idea, I would recommend resizing the drive into two partitions. Shrink the original to GB and the rest for the second partition. No, you should be fine if you have no data on it. It seems partitioning HDD is better option than working on 1 partition which I also followed on my Windows machine. Secondly, what if I want Ubuntu OS installed on any other partition?

Hi Nikunj, 50 GB is more than sufficient for a OS partition, provided you are storing your Data on a separate partition and not on the Home directory. About Us Contact Us Disclaimer.

Partitioning A Hard Drive On Mac Running OS X Lion

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Comments Keith says: January 29, at 3: Vijay says: March 4, at Ravi Chivukula says: March 6, at Thank you! March 7, at 9: Hi Vijay, Thanks for your responses. Thanks again for your help! I tried all the options, including the Debug mode in Disk Utility see elsewhere for how to access that via Terminal , nothing worked. I believe it's a Disk Utility bug because the following did finally work. That worked and Disk Utility happily catagorized the HD and gave me the space. I got it to work with MB less than the maximum size.

Might have worked with less than MB, but what's a few megabytes these days As I mentioned, you might try Step 4 from other boot-up options though it likely won't work if you boot within Snow Leopard.

Feb 17, 2: Ok, now im mad, i erased my SL partition because i don't use it. I'm not sure what to do because now I have a bunch of free space that I can't use on my HD. Someone Please Help!! See 4 in Using Disk Utility. If that's not clear, start Disk Utility, select the top line for the drive, then the Partition tab. Screen print that and post it here, please.

Add, Delete, and Resize a Mac Drive Without Formatting

If the partition names aren't clear, specify what changes you want to make. When setting up the new lion use migration assistant to copy everything across from your old lion partition. It will copy everything. Then once you've verified its copied across delete the old partition and expand the new lion into the free space. You then have lion as the 1st partition on your HDD. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

Use Disk Utility to Add, Delete, and Resize Existing Volumes

User profile for user: Macsrulepcsdrule Macsrulepcsdrule. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Pondini Pondini. Otherwise, I'd suggest living with it for a while; surely Apple will fix that soon. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. FreehandAddict FreehandAddict. Drive Genius should be able to fix it Be sure it's compatible with Lion; if not, it may do more harm than good. Enter the following command into Terminal defaults write com. Hope this helps. And here's a link to the article I used to find out how to show the hidden partion: Tony T1 Tony T1.

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