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I takes longgggggg time when I can even choose that teturepack and even more long time when its try to change that texture black screen now and something that launcher thinking itself. Update 2: OK I choose manually from launcher ver 0. Do you play on a multiplayer server that is a different version? Does that help or am I not understanding the issue properly?

The texturepack should be up-to-date as not much changed between Tekkit Lite 0. Actually part of your problem might be the 64x and x resolutions are too high for your computer s to handle. I have used the x and 64x with no problem x is what I use all the time. Check out how to install OptiFine http: How do you make it so that the text is in the Sphax form instead of the normal blocky default text? ON to get the Sphaxified look for the fonts. The OptiFine tutorial posted above works for Voltz too!

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Another question… How do you merge both of them? There is no option to let me for some reason. Could you be more specific? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. The MindCrafters We specialize in the supremely superfluous. Home About Frequently Asked Questions. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading John Stark crumbl3d. January 19, at 2: January 20, at Esa Kivela.


February 9, at Hmmm how I explaned it…ummm Ok I merge those 2 files and choose in launcher that 0. It just freeze and jammed… Hay can you sen me your working texture pack and I try with it and then I try to say my Tekkit freak son 10 years old day with it? February 10, at 3: I takes longgggggg time when I can even choose that teturepack and even more long time when its try to change that texture black screen now and something that launcher thinking itself I remove whole.

Hmmm reinstall whole Tekkitlaunher again or…? February 10, at 4: February 11, at 4: Greetings again and sorry for delay I have been sick a bit. February 15, at 7: Ok good! February 15, at March 5, at And if you know, it is the same for Voltz? Anyway, I have a list of issues.

Minecraft - Installing Sphax for Tekkit Lite

Maybe someone on this subreddit has had the same problems? Sorry if this is the wrong sub. If there's somewhere else, or a different website I should visit, please let me know. Oh, no. It will open and I can get it to run. I even puttered around in a single player world. But the downloaded launcher never turns into an application. It just stays as a. Also, the first time I ran the program, it asked me a bunch of random questions about ID numbers that I don't understand.

I dont see the problem here.

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Why do you care if its a. I thought it staying as a. Or that I had to do something further with the document. Beyond aesthetics, I don't really care what the format is, as long as it's supposed to work that way.

Other than that your game sounds like it's running fine. If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask! However, they aren't in a single zip, so I can either have vanilla textures and Tekkit BDCraft or vice versa. Am I supposed to unzip both and stick them together somehow? I keep finding posts that insist I download optifine or magic launcher but I feel like that damn picture of a dog doing "science".

I honestly put texture packs in the too-hard basket. I think that the way to do it would be to unzip both packs, move the Tekkit textures into the db craft folder, and then zip it back up. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Sphax PureBDCraft for Tekkit Lite

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