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Probably one of the best indie-horror games you will see these days.

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  • Atmospheric horror game.

The looks, the sounds, the feels The game is beautiful and the atmosphere stays chilling. The deeper you go into the game, the more suspenseful it becomes.

The 15 scariest games to play on Mac today

I love this! The developers did a terrific job!

Everything about this game is spine tingling! Really worth playing". If you like Amnesia, definitely give this a try. Horrifying atmosphere, dark tunnels, I just love it! Out of the dozens of free indie games I've played, yours is one of the best!! I love how each play through is slightly different, great work!

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You guys are amazing at producing an 'atmosphere' that's just terrifying. Fantastic game and it's awesome on a big TV with a 5. Just watching the videos creeped me out. The feel and the atmosphere is very well done. The modeling is beautiful. Ya'll keep up the astounding work. I applaud you 3DrunkMen.

Left 4 Dead 2

This is in my opinion the best Horror game out there. Keep up the good work". Game FAQs. Blatant issues should be reported as bugs, otherwise these FAQs will help clarify frequent areas of confusion.

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  4. VANISH Is A Free Indie Horror Game That Will Truly Question Your Own Sanity.
  5. What's the objective? We purposely don't tell the player what to do. We feel this adds to the immersion for the Player to figure out where they are and what to do next, as if they were the actual ones thrown into this labyrinth. That said Find the glowsticks, then keys, then the exit gate without dying. No, you don't have to collect the notes, but some may have important information on them. So if you're having trouble on what you need to do, you may want to take a look. Hidden Memories. Mansion of toys. Mansion of toys is a game of horror and survival warning is in development.

    Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: A demo that shows what field trips could be like in the full version of Baldi's Basics! Bendy and the Ink Machine: Joey Drew Studios. Capsule is a single-player survival game played entirely through a radar interface. The Labyrinthine Night. Intended for entry into No Excuses Game Jam 1.

    Find your family and escape the Night! EnMod Games. Control Room.

    Now multiplayer. Seven Photos: All you have are 7 photos to solve a murder. Play in browser. A short first-person horror game running on your game boy. Hunt down and kill the werewolf, before he does the same to you! Uncle Yobo. Win The Game. Happy Backwards.

    Download Horror Games for Mac - Best Software & Apps

    Survive the depths and horros that lurk below. Team Craft online. How many can survive a night in the house of Drew? Rodrigo Rojas-Ferrer. Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa Demo. A desolate planet.

    VANISH Screenshots

    A simple mission. How could things go so wrong? VHS era, low poly slasher. PS1 style survival horror.

    Can your Mac run it?

    Puppet Combo. Eggs for Bart. Can you survive a yandere?