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Did you know the first McDonald's menu was barbecue-themed?

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It offered a barbecue-style menu, and you can see an actual copy of that menu here! In , in response to what caught on with customers, the McDonald brothers revamped their restaurant as a walk-up hamburger stand. There were only four food items on the menu plus milk, coffee, and sodas:. The hamburgers sold for 15 cents, or about half as much as at a sit-down restaurant. Speaking of burgers, you don't want to miss our 10 best burger recipes!

Just one year later, the McDonald brothers introduced french fries and the restaurant's signature Triple Thick Milkshakes.

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Here's why McDonald's fries are so good. Ray Kroc isn't a menu item, but he's an important part of the restaurant chain's story! He discovered the McDonalds brothers' restaurant — with its simple menu and super-fast hamburgers.

1948: Hamburgers & cheeseburgers

The menu, including the low prices, remained virtually the same. We've got more McDonald's facts for the burger history buffs. In , Kroc purchased all the rights to McDonald's. The first item he added to the national menu was the Filet-O-Fish sandwich, created by Lou Groen, a McDonald's franchisee in Cincinnati, to help build volume among Catholics. It was advertised as "the fish that catches people. The Big Mac was developed by franchisee Jim Delligatti of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in and was added to the menu in Back then it was deep-fried.

Who could ask for more?

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The Shamrock Shake was introduced to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It originally had a lemon-lime flavor — really! The mint-vanilla debuted in Here's our history of the Shamrock Shake, plus how to make a copycat version. The Quarter Pounder was introduced in Fremont, California in but became part of the national menu in Here's a photo of a menu. The complete McDonald's breakfast arrived in Don't have time for the drive-thru? Here are 40 freezer breakfasts you should always have on hand.

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Turns out the Happy Meal was inspired by popular kids' cereal that packed toys in the box. They were also in high demand by parents who didn't want kids "picking" at their own fries.

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Don't miss these 16 recipes for people who really really love fries. The McRib might never have happened if it weren't for a chicken shortage in the late s.

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Chicken McNuggets, served in some local restaurants as early as , were introduced to all McDonald's locations in What's better than a good ol' McNugget? How about a Parmesan Chicken Nugget you make yourself?

What a $7.54 Swiss Big Mac tells us about global currencies

The coins—actual, physical coins unlinked to any blockchain or other form of distributed ledger—have five different designs highlighting each decade of the Big Mac: Bitcoin wishes it were so snazzy. The index is crude but useful, and has spawned a variety of imitators, including the latte index and iPod index. These indexes illustrate the economic theory that exchange rates should reflect the value of goods that you can buy in different countries.

The argument for purchasing power parity is that if exchange rates allow you to buy a lot more of the same stuff in one country than another, people would just by products in one country and sell them in the other and make off like bandits.