Windows 7 on mac mini 2010

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Officially, Apple supports Windows 7 -- at least the bit version -- on all Intel-based Macs with the exception of the following:. Upon first releasing MacOS X Consequently, officially, Apple supports only the bit version of Windows 7 just on the following Macs and these Macs likewise "can use" the bit version of Windows Vista:.

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However, based on reader reports via e-mail and social media, as well as hands-on observation, models officially unable to boot even the bit version of Windows 7 via Boot Camp are capable of doing so with appropriate drivers. Furthermore, some Intel-based Macs that only are officially supported booting the bit version of Windows 7 actually are capable of booting the bit version of Windows 7, again, with proper drivers.

Additionally, regardless of official support from Apple, as shipped, some Intel-based Macs fall short of the required 1 GB memory minimum that Microsoft recommends for the bit version of Windows 7. It can be challenging to sort out the official and unofficial bit and bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 capabilities for different Intel-based Macs, but EveryMac. This chart is believed to be accurate, however, it should be considered subject to further revision. Should you have additional or contradictory information, particularly regarding unofficial capability based on your hands-on experience, please share.

Dual-Boot Windows 10 On An Unsupported Mac (2011 or Older)[Tutorial] - RC Films

MacBook "Core Duo" 1. MacBook "Core Duo" 2. MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 1. MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.

How to install Windows 10 in Boot Camp on unsupported Macs

MacBook Air "Core 2 Duo" 1. MacBook Air "Core 2 Duo" 2. On older Macs, when launching your duplicate of Boot Camp, the second wizard screen will have a checkbox titled Install Windows 7. Quit Boot Camp and launch Terminal. Then, enter the command below to edit the plist file, which controls the configuration of the Boot Camp app.

At the exit prompt, type Y to acknowledge you'd like to save, and then press Enter to save the file. The file will be closed upon saving, and you'll return to the Terminal prompt Figure D.

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Launch Boot Camp. You may receive a warning message—this is due to the changes made requiring the app to be resigned.

Boot Camp Adds 64-bit Driver Support for Windows 7, 8

Click the Open button to proceed. To sign the code and remove the message in the future, enter the command below:. You are now free to install Windows 10 from optical media by completing the Boot Camp Assistant process. This was covered in a previous article and requires further editing of the Boot Camp app's plist file, but the end result will be the ability to create a Windows 10 USB installer that can be used with Boot Camp. Whether you need iPhone and Mac tips or rundowns of enterprise-specific Apple news, we've got you covered.

Installing Windows 7 through Boot Camp with no Optical Drive on a Mac Mini · Liza Shulyayeva

Delivered Tuesdays. He brings 19 years of experience and multiple certifications from seve Find what Disk number is assigned to the USB drive for me it was 1 and type select disk 1 replacing the number with your own and press Enter.

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For me, it took about 15 minutes. The progress should be shown as a percentage in the command prompt. Type assign and press Enter - Windows will indicate that a new drive has just been plugged in. Type the DVD drive letter. For me this was f: Type bootsect.