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Open up Disk Utility and: Disk Utility will insist on saving the new ISO as a. When complete, you can rename it to. Copy the. I'm unable to add it to my flash drive. I've looked up why and it seems that I would have to reformat the flash drive to a format that can't be read by Windows, so that doesn't work for my situation.

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I'll try DropBox, but I remember it having some trouble with large files in the past. I've tried the process above, but while I do get a. I've found an answer in the Apple discussion forums that seems to be much more convoluted discussions. Will let you know how it goes. JJarava JJarava 1 11 Just make sure you have a lot GB left on your VM disk, since the above is doing a lot of copying. Especially the conversion step require 2x6GB to complete ALso, since Macs use their own non-standard EFI to interpret the Apple comand key hash-prezl , you can't use those when your host is a windows machine.


Once done they work well. I've gotten Yosemite to boot in VB as well. But like Mavericks, there are additional hoops to jump. What is good is, that you don't need to tweak any new kexts or special boot parameters. Apple published a page, Create a bootable installer for OS X. Hi, BasilBourque - thanks for the pointer. I'll have to look into it; booting VMs off a USB media is sometimes a bit iffy, but at least creating it this way is way simpler than the.

That explains why there's no easy way to get the ISO file. This seems to contradict with the article, which has a bare-metal hypervisor. But an interesting article! How about in order to not break the "spirit" of Apple's license, I do the following.

Mac OS X 10.5.6

That way, Apple makes their money on their hardware, and I get to use it on one, and only one, PC of my choosing. MikeyE I'm not familiar enough with US laws to be comfortable answering that, I'd suggest getting an opinion from someone in the US, preferably a lawyer. There is a question related to this on SuperUser.

The same as given by stuffe. This is helpful, but I feel like it should be an edit to stuffe's answer rather than a standalone answer.

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Let's leave it as a separate answer so Ganesh can gain some rep and comment next time. I may be wrong, but I believe you can propose edits to other people's answers even with 1 reputation. You are right. I'll edit the previous answer. Linked 1. Automatically log in with Auto Unlock.

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