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Some times you click a channel, it tries loading, and fails. And then fails again.

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And again. Until you close the app and lock your device and try again from there. Also the menu formatting is garbage. Please fire whoever developed this app. They deserve it. With all the money we are paying for cable, and now hoping to be able to see one tv peograms to go, when one logged into optimum to watch their news or whatever from the menu why am I am being told that I am now being taken from optimum into the app for the news or fox or whatever their network is which means now I have to down their app and then subscribe to their network.

Cable your company needs to fix this. I am paying cable not Fox News or Bronx x news or whatever other network or station.

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This should be stopped by the FCC and not be allowed by these other stations. Then they want a person to allow notifications and alerts etc which I say no. Why should the other station first of all have my password on their server. Go back to the way you first had cable it was better.

Get it together optimum this is horrible. App Store Preview.

Tutorial: Using TV to GO on the Optimum App

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Look out for our upcoming releases. Bug fixes and various improvements. Applicable to networks with TV to Go experiences. New Features The Optimum App just got better! In order to use all the features contained within this release please upgrade your iOS operating system to 5. Increased volume suddenly worked as did decrease volume. That information is not correct.

It works with HDMI. I think the older set top boxes were the problem. The updated Samsung boxes allow me to use the remote feature to increase, decrease volume now. This free app can be used to control your Optimum cable box. Change channels from your easy chair, record a show without getting up!

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Yadda yadda! I had to install my own to get this app to work.

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Hot spots that no longer support two of my mobile devices. Caveat emptor. What this program does especially well is scopus interruptus. Try again in 5 minutes and you get it. So forget watching in bed many nights. One needs to log in to use this app, however it does you log you out from time to time. This has to be worst app ever. It freezes repeatedly. I watch a lot of baseball and I'm lucky if I can get a half hour without the picture freezing or the app crashing completely.

Of course it usually happens at a crucial time in the game. We subscribe to the entire Optimum package and we updated our router and service last year. There is no improvement in the app's reception so we can't blame the wifi. It's just a really bad product. It's been happening for several years now. Why can't the engineers at Optimum correct this? Sorry, we can't accept. Sorry we can't access. View my bill Manage payment methods Manage automatic payments Make a one-time payment Manage payment methods Manage automatic payments Make a one-time payment Manage payment methods Set up automatic payments Make a one-time payment Manage payment methods Set up automatic payments Make a one-time payment Account activity Billing support.

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My DVR. View recordings. You have no recordings scheduled. Service unavailable at this time. Click here to learn more about DVR. Sign in to check your messages and manage your phone features. Smart Home. You need to change your Internet Explorer Compatibility View setting to get the most from the new Optimum.

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