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Joe and Mac begin the game armed with stone axes, but by cracking open eggs left by defeated pterodactyls along the way, the two could upgrade their arsenal.

What happened to the Joe and Mac HD remake?

The caveman ninjas have mastered the art of combat, with fireballs, wheels, boomerangs and even powerful doppelgangers of themselves. For a more powerful blow, you could hold down the attack button to make Joe and Mac swing their arms around wildly, building up energy at least until they got tired. Regardless of the threats against them, Joe and Mac never lose their sense of fun. The game is peppered with funny little touches—from the goofy cartoon graphics to the comic sound effects. Screenshots from MobyGames.

Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics

MAce 1 point DOS version. The DOS version is arcade perfect, easily the best of all the ports.

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Amazing port for late The Amiga version is total cr p, it took another 1. Umar 0 point. Kassiopeija 0 point DOS version.

Just like the Arcade version. I wish I could insert coins into my PC now: Tetley 1 point DOS version. Consoles and PC. Golgoth confirms they are almost done the coding side of the Toki Remake - Dec Golgoth pledges to make a Toki Remake website soon, confirms work continues - Feb Golgoth pitches a publisher on Toki Remake - March Arkedo winds down after releasing Hell Yeah - June Golgoth working on stage 6 of Toki Remake - Fall Console versions are never heard from.

Golgoth expresses concern Toki Remake has not yet been greenlit - Feb Toki Remake "restarts" work - May Toki Remake approved for PS4 - Fall Toki Remake is greenlit - December Toki Remake is moved from p to 4k - March Golgoth updates website, Joe and Mac no longer listed, no actual updates on games. Golgoth confirms more news is coming soon yep.

Barkley's Justice Member Feb 8, Feb 15, 10, 15 0. Dec 9, 4, 0 0. Holy crap I loved this game on the arcades!! Feb 19, 46, 3 33 Colorado Springs, CO twitter.

Stumpokapow said: Hours Left Member Feb 8, Jun 28, 33, 1 0. These games were my summer jam one year.

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Totally obsessed. Sep 21, 17, 4 0 Nova Scotia rateyourmusic. MoxManiac Member Feb 8, Jun 8, 16, 1 1, Fun fact: Ninja Scooter Member Feb 8, Jun 7, , 5 0. Joe slept with Mac's wife. Barkley's Justice said: This game?? Man, so good. Nakazato Member Feb 8, Dec 1, 15, 0 0.


Joe and Mac was getting an HD remake How did I not know this. Jun 7, 9, 0 0. Plug in and press a button to use it.

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