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Bob Jones AKA: CyberTaz Replied on October 4, In reply to Shezah's post on October 4, Just as clarification -- When you AutoMark the index entries it really doesn't matter where the cursor is Cursor position only matters when you actually generate the index, itself. Now -- There are 2 primary causes for that message to appear: Everything in the Concordance file has already been marked in the document. The 2nd possibility is that the Concordance file does not comply with the required form.

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Table of Contents in Word 2016

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? John McGhie Replied on October 5, Hi Shezah: I do indexes as part of my business: Notice that I strongly advise not to use a Concordance file, because for most documents the result is not worth having: You can add a second-level in the Subentry box.

Mark the entries

If you need a third level, follow the subentry text with a colon. To create a cross-reference to another entry, click Cross-reference under Options , and then type the text for the other entry in the box.

Update an Index in Word: Instructions

To format the page numbers that will appear in the index, select the Bold check box or Italic check box below Page number format. Click Mark to mark the index entry.

Update a table of contents

To mark this text everywhere it shows up in the document, click Mark All. To mark additional index entries, select the text, click in the Mark Index Entry dialog box, and then repeat steps 3 and 4.

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On the References tab, in the Index group, click Insert Index. In the Index dialog box, you can choose the format for text entries, page numbers, tabs, and leader characters.

Create an Index in Word 2011 for Mac

You can change the overall look of the index by choosing from the Formats dropdown menu. A preview is displayed in the window to the top left. To update the index, click the index, and then press F9. Or click Update Index in the Index group on the References tab.

Update an Index in Word - Tutorial - TeachUcomp, Inc.

If you find an error in the index, locate the index entry that you want to change, make the change, and then update the index. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first.