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Waddlesticks Dec 30 Loved this game! Still have it on a floppy ;D Oh and also a CD: Please vote for the only JJ2 mod!

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STZoro Aug 18 Old game, but still rocks Good times! Post a comment. Sign in or join with: Follow Report Profile. Platforms Windows , Mac.

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Developer Epic Games. Publisher Gathering of Developers. Engine Custom. Contact Send Message. Homepage Jazzjackrabbit2. Release date Released Game watch Follow. Community Rating.

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Average 9. Genre Platformer. Theme Comic. Project AAA.

A 1998 console game that was built for the PC

Embed Buttons. Link to Jazz Jackrabbit 2 by selecting a button and using the embed code provided more Rank 3, of 57, Visits 54, 4 today. Last Update 6 years ago. Watchers 34 members. Mods 6. Addons 4. Files Articles 7. Reviews 6. You may also like.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Servers #4 - Jazz Gameplay

View All Top Games. Super Ubie Land Platformer. Cuphead Platformer. Jazz will run faster and jump higher the longer he runs, avoiding chasms that might lead to harmful objects. Unlike other platform games, however, there are no abysses and every level bifurcates into subsections that might lead to valuable items such as weapon pick-ups, score items, etc. Jazz has a life bar that changes in colour based on how much health Jazz has remaining.

Jazz can withstand a limited number of hits 5 on Easy mode, 4 on Medium mode, 3 on Hard or Turbo mode from harmful objects before losing a life; one hit's worth of health can be restored by picking up a carrot. Lives can also be accumulated to the maximum number of ten. When killed, Jazz starts from the level beginning or any checkpoint sign was reached and shot before.

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Items that the player can pick up usually resemble food, computer hardware components or other familiar shapes, and give score points each. There are also several beneficial pick-ups in the game: Weapons also vary in numbers and consistency and include besides the initial blaster bouncing launcher grenades, flame bullets, bi-missile projectiles and TNT sets.

Large sets of ammunition can only be collected by being shot from their enclosure.

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The first game features a timer that starts a number of minutes at the beginning of each level 10 minutes on Easy mode, 8 minutes on Medium, 6 minutes on Hard, and 4 minutes on Turbo and counts down to zero; on Hard and Turbo, another countdown appears at the top of the screen when there is less than a minute left, and if time expires, Jazz loses a life. If Jazz reaches and shoots the finish sign before time runs out, the player is then provided with additional score points awarded for items and weapons are picked, and all the enemies dealt with.

If Jazz has collected a big red diamond or gained a perfect score, he gets to enter the bonus stage. In theses stages, animation switches to a pseudo-3D third-person shooter of Jazz as he runs on a speedway with the purpose of gathering as many blue diamonds as requested before time runs out, while obstacles try to stop him or slow him down. If the task is accomplished successfully, the player is provided with an extra life.

Jazz in his lizard-form. Aside from bonuses, Jazz also features secret levels that can be accessed in specific areas of other levels once in every episode. Secret level signs feature the question mark instead of Devan's head portrait that must be shot. The current level is then considered completed and the secret level embarks. Levels themselves consist of an enormous "grant" area with numerous weapons and items to pick up. One level, however, features a mini-boss, while the player assumes control of Jazz in his sidekick bird form.

Secret levels also feature a count-up upon completion that provides the player with extra score points. In the C-episode there is a secret level with Jazz in the form of a lizard. Jump to Content. ClassicReload Login. Jazz Jackrabbit. Fullscreen No gamepads detected.