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Highlight any region and it will show you the analyzed waveform with default settings. Strip Silence is a great starting off point when you've done some recording. It's a fast way to split a long single recording into individual takes since all silence in your recording is removed automatically. Using this shortcut saves you even more time by avoiding the menu navigation.

Use Case: You want to pan and lower the volume on a long traffic wash off screen. Rather than doing this in real time and waiting for the entire length of the region to run, you can set the pan and volume while stopped, highlight the entire region and use this shortcut to write that change across it all in one keystroke. This use is the equivalent of using the 'Manual Write to Selection' function in the automation window.

The biggest flaw I see within the Pro Tools keyboard shortcut system is the inability to customize. Adding or altering shortcuts within the software itself is not possible, but thanks to the Mac OS, there's a workaround. You can create your own custom shortcut keys to accomplish any of the menu items you use often. I like creating custom shortcuts to call up my most used sound editorial plugins, like those for Pitching, Reversing and EQ.


Here's how you go about it:. For whatever shortcut you'd like to add, the first step is to navigate to it in the Pro Tools application and write down the exact way it is listed at the end of the menu chain.

This one's easy, it's just Gain. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left of the screen and navigate to System Preferences.

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Choose Keyboard. A dialogue box will come up. Remember to type it exactly as it is listed in Pro Tools or your shortcut will not work.

Pro Tools Shortcuts You Need To Know

Be sure to pick a shortcut that is not already assigned to another function within Pro Tools. For our example lets use the first letter of the plugin. You should see this combination populate in the dialogue box. Click Add. You'll know it worked when you see this combination listed next to the function in the drop down menu. Give the combination a try. Your Gain plugin window should open in a single keystroke. That's it!

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This trick not only works for Pro Tools, but with it you can create custom keyboard shortcuts for any software menu function. Blog Blog Posts Search. Here's how you go about it: Set up the shortcut in System Preferences. Custom keyboard shortcut for the Gain function in Pro Tools. Test your new keyboard shortcut You'll know it worked when you see this combination listed next to the function in the drop down menu.

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