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Continue pressing until the drive tray pops out; then release. Any of those is your cue to try Step 4. It displays icons for any bootable discs that it sees and allows you to select one including the installation DVD. This technique is quite useful if your usual boot disk is damaged or having an identity crisis during startup. Call the tech-support hotline: Select the boot drive Macintosh HD and click Erase in the menu bar. As soon as the drive formatting is completed, quit out of Disk Utility.

You will be returned to the macOS Utilities screen. Step 4: Select this item by clicking on it, then click on Continue. Step 5: Restore Data, Files and Apps This step is probably the most time-consuming one in the entire clean install process. If you use a cloud backup service like Backblaze, be sure to set up the Mac client again so that you can begin your backups as soon as possible.

You may find, as I did when I installed macOS High Sierra on my iMac using this process, that you suddenly have a lot more space available on your computer and that it runs a bit more smoothly. Let us know how your clean install went by leaving a note in the comments section below.

Use this Terminal trick to force eject media without shutting down

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But the end of February something had gone terribly wrong…something about duplicated UIDDs or something like that. I decided to do a clean install and after several attempts I found that it was time for an updated iMac. It came pre installed with High Sierra.

Tech How to Perform a Clean Install of macOS High Sierra | Other World Computing Blog

I resold my old one running Sierra and decided it was a good move. The one thing I did not make a note of …. So the information above is really great except that I have to think if I had made the user name exactly the same I might be able to get into Time Machine. If you do not have a spare hard drive or optical drive, try inserting the DVD into a second Mac and connecting it to the broken computer with a firewire cable.

How to Reformat your Mac without a Recovery Disk!

Boot the second Mac and press the "T" key to get into target disk mode, from which the optical drive may become available to the broken computer via the firewire connection. Boot the broken computer and hold the options key to see if the drive shows up. This may or may not work, depending on the computer being used. Just like with using an external drive, you can set up a second computer to serve as one.

To do this, use Disk Utility on the second computer to partition the hard drive and create a small 10GB partition for the contents of the installation DVD.

Use Terminal to Eject a Stuck CD/DVD

From here, create a disk image of the installation DVD and restore it to the newly made partition. Connect the computer to the broken one with a firewire cable and reboot it while holding the "T" key to get to target disk mode. The installation partition will then show up on the broken computer when you boot it with the options key held be sure to avoid booting off the second computer's boot volume, and only select the smaller partition with the installation files on it. This option is an alternative to using the second computer's optical drive, if the drive will not work in target disk mode.

Instead of trying to access the installation media from a second computer or alternative source, try installing to the broken computer from a working one.

MacOSX Lion - Reinstall your OS without installation disc

To do this, boot up the broken computer in target disk mode holding "T" at bootup and connect it to a second Mac. From there, reboot the second Mac off the installation DVD hold the "C" key at bootup with the installation DVD in the drive and run through the installation steps. The drive in target disk mode should be available in the OS X installer and you can proceed with the installation.

For MacBook Air and recent Mac Mini computers without optical drives, this problem is not an issue because they are built to share the optical drive of another system for OS and application installation. The method for doing this is outlined in this Apple knowledgebase document.